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Boeing CEO concedes 'mistake' with planes in 2 fatal crashes

WireAP_6077944020aa40c684424508cd1ff438_12x5_992.jpgVia ABC NEWS (https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/boeing-ceo-concedes-mistake-planes-fatal-crashes-63747194) The chief executive of Boeing said the company made a "mistake" in handling a problematic cockpit warning system in its 737 Max jets before two crashes of the top-selling plane killed 346 people, and he promised transparency as the U.S. aircraft maker tries to get the grounded model back in flight.

Speed limits are on the rise, and so are deadly car accidents

It often seems as if everyone in Texas is in a hurry. Whether parents are frantically trying to get all of their kids to their extracurricular activities or college students are hurrying to their part-time jobs in between classes, getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible ranks high on most people's priorities. Because of this, most people see rising speed limits as a good thing. In reality, higher speed limits are causing more and more deadly car accidents.

Speed limits have been consistently going up all across the country for the last 25 years. Texas has some of the highest speed limits, and you can legally drive 85 mph on certain roads. These types of high speed limits are getting people killed.

Safety is critical for rear seat passengers

The summer months mean that more people in Texas are taking to the road for trips, holidays and vacations. However, safety experts warn about the danger of serious car accidents in these heavily traveled months. The Governors Highway Safety Association is launching a public awareness campaign particularly targeting rear seat passengers to encourage them to put safety first. Passengers in the back seat enjoy more protections in some types of crashes. However, side-impact or rear-end crashes can be devastating and deadly for people sitting in the back seat.

The association noted the urgency of its campaign by highlighting the increased use of the rear seats due to the popularity of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. Rear seat passengers are already less likely to wear their seat belts. However, this issue is exacerbated when people hop into a ride-hailing car. They are less likely to buckle up than they are in their own cars and may have an exaggerated sense of safety. Experts noted that buckling up is critical every time someone gets inside a car.

Boeing Built Deadly Assumptions Into 737 Max

Attorney Nomaan K. Husain of Husain Law + Associates has filed a lawsuit against Boeing for the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 Boeing 737 Max crash. If you have been affected by this crash, don't wait a moment longer. Contact us today so we can review your case! Call 713-230-8137 or click here to send us a message!

Hours of service rules linked to rising truck accident deaths

Motor vehicle accident fatalities in Texas and around the country fell by 2% in 2017, but the number of road users killed in crashes involving commercial vehicles rose by a worrying 9% to 4,761. That is the highest truck accident death toll in 29 years, and 72% of those killed were traveling in passenger vehicles that were struck by tractor-trailers. The sophisticated safety systems fitted to modern commercial vehicles do not seem to be enough to prevent accident deaths from rising even higher, and some road safety advocacy groups say federal hours-of-service rules could be the reason why.

Hours-of-service rules limit the time that truck drivers can spend behind the wheel. The rules are imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to prevent drowsy driving accidents, but critics of the rules say that the 30-minute break that truck drivers must take after eight hours on the road encourages dangerous driving. They say that truck drivers often imperil other road users by driving too fast because they are desperate to complete their journeys within eight hours.

Speeding to be the focus of annual safe driver week event

Law enforcement officials in Texas and other states routinely monitor roads for bad driving behaviors. Such efforts are stepped up during annual Operation Safe Driver Week events. The focus for the 2019 event will be speeding, which was a contributing factor in more than 90% of all traffic accidents in 2015 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

For more than 20 years, a third of all motor vehicle fatalities have been related to speeding, a fact that the president of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the group responsible for the annual safe driving events, finds unacceptable. A 2014 CVSA study found that just a 1% increase in citations issued contributed to a noticeable decline in motor vehicle crashes by 0.28%, suggesting that ticketing is an effective deterrent. In 2017, nearly 10,000 people lost their lives in traffic accidents due to speeding, and according to statistics reported by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, speeding is the most frequent driver-related crash factor.

Memes, newsfeeds a source of distraction for many drivers

Many drivers in Texas allow themselves to be distracted behind the wheel even though they know it's risky. An online study from Wakefield Research showed that almost half of respondents consider distracted driving to be a top roadway concern. However, the nearly 2,000 participants also used their phones behind the wheel for an average of 13 minutes a day.

Moreover, all but 1% of respondents recognized that phone use is among the top three distractions that a driver can engage in. The majority also criticized phone use in other drivers, with 89% saying they would give a bad rating to an Uber or Lyft driver who texts behind the wheel. Furthermore, 39% said they've already left bad reviews for such actions. Another 90% percent considered themselves better drivers than ride-hailing workers.

Texas residents experience health problems after chemical fire

The mayor of Deer Park claimed that major progress was being made to reopen the Houston Ship Channel after a major fire at a plant nearby caused chemicals to spill into the channel. This waterway is a major passageway for marine traffic carrying products in and out of the Houston area. While civil and military officials continue to monitor the channel for hazardous materials, residents nearby have reported many health problems that may be attributed to leaked chemicals at the plant.

The massive fire that caused the chemical spill into the Houston Ship Channel also sent thick black smoke into the Houston suburbs for four days. Many residents nearby were told to shelter in place when toxic fumes escaped the foam blanket laid down by fire fighters. Many residents reported feeling ill, and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found nine hazardous contaminants in the local water.

Weather Channel sued for fatal car crash caused by storm chasers

Spring has arrived, which means the start of severe weather season for much of the country. As you can imagine, the need to quickly escape a natural disaster comes with other hazards like the risk of getting into a car accident. In such cases, there would likely be no grounds for victims to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit – it seems clear that the severe weather was primarily to blame.

But that may not be the case if the driver who caused the crash was trying to chase the storm rather than escape it. And that is the basis of a high-profile lawsuit related to a fatal 2017 crash in Texas.

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