Car accident victims may seek full compensation for their losses

In Texas, numerous residents and visitors to the state suffer injuries in auto accidents every year. Were you or family member one of the unfortunate? If so, have you thought about compensation and how much you will really need to recover and move forward?

You already know all too well about the physical, financial and emotional consequences that follow a car crash. Now, in your time of need, you are probably ready to take whatever compensation the responsible party's insurance provider is willing to give. Before you do, make sure the amount offered covers all of your losses, as it is not standard practice for insurance providers to offer full compensation.

What losses are recoverable following a car accident?

After a car crash, the responsible party's insurance provider will probably offer you enough to fix your car -- if it was not totaled -- and cover very basic medical expenses. That may help you to some degree, but you may find yourself left holding the bag when it comes to really getting the assistance you need. Thanks to the state's personal injury laws, under the right circumstances, you may be entitled to a lot more. Damages potentially recoverable following a car accident include:

  • Cost of current and future medical treatment: This includes transportation costs, initial treatment and diagnosis, therapy, medical devices, home care and disability expenses -- among other things. 
  • Physical and emotional distress: This includes physical pain, anxiety, depression and loss of enjoyment.
  • Income loss: This includes any temporary or permanent loss of income and benefits.
  • Loss of consortium: This includes the loss of companionship or the inability to show affection toward one's significant other. 

As you can see, this list goes far beyond basic property damages and medical expenses, and why is that? It is because a car accident can affect every aspect of a person's life and all losses resulting from this type of event need to be considered when determining an acceptable amount of compensation. 

Do not settle for less than you deserve

When you want and need compensation now, it can be tempting to accept an insurance provider's terms. Know that you do not need to settle for less than you deserve. With assistance, you may be able to achieve maximum relief for your losses through the negotiations process or, if absolutely necessary, litigation. 

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