Safety is critical for rear seat passengers

The summer months mean that more people in Texas are taking to the road for trips, holidays and vacations. However, safety experts warn about the danger of serious car accidents in these heavily traveled months. The Governors Highway Safety Association is launching a public awareness campaign particularly targeting rear seat passengers to encourage them to put safety first. Passengers in the back seat enjoy more protections in some types of crashes. However, side-impact or rear-end crashes can be devastating and deadly for people sitting in the back seat.

The association noted the urgency of its campaign by highlighting the increased use of the rear seats due to the popularity of rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. Rear seat passengers are already less likely to wear their seat belts. However, this issue is exacerbated when people hop into a ride-hailing car. They are less likely to buckle up than they are in their own cars and may have an exaggerated sense of safety. Experts noted that buckling up is critical every time someone gets inside a car.

Other safety experts noted that there are also design reasons why rear seat passengers can face severe injuries in case of a motor vehicle collision. Some of the most effective safety technologies, including automatically locking seat belts and airbags, are found only in front seats. In addition, few automakers have implemented a seat belt warning system for rear seat passengers in addition to those in the front.

Rear seat passengers don't cause car accidents; that is the fault of dangerous or negligent drivers. However, they can suffer severe consequences in case of a collision. People who have been injured in a crash caused by someone else may consult with a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for their losses.

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