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The dangers of road rage

Road rage is a persistent problem in Texas and other states. One study estimated that fatal crashes related to road rage have increased by 500% in the last 10 years. Other reports have found that incidents of drivers showing or firing guns have also increased. Unfortunately, such incidents make the roads more dangerous for all drivers.

Drunk driving, its consequences, and how to avoid them

Texas drivers are aware that alcohol can impair their hearing, vision, muscle coordination, memory and ability to make sound judgments. This is why alcohol intoxication and driving are such a fatal combination. Even with a BAC of .02, drivers can become drowsy and experience some loss of judgment. Once they reach the point of being legally drunk, which is a BAC of .08, then they can hardly detect traffic signals or dangers on the road.

How to avert drowsiness on the road

Drowsy driving is a big problem in Texas, especially in locations where there are no comprehensive public transit systems. Many people fail to sleep the minimum seven hours each night that the CDC recommends while others put themselves and others in danger by taking prescription sleep aids and heading out on the road before sleeping a sufficient time. Still others will sleep seven hours but remain drowsy because of a sleep disorder like obstructive sleep apnea.

Distracted driving and how to avoid it

With the advent of smartphones and in-vehicle technology, few people need to be told that distracted driving is a rising trend, but what's important to remember is how widespread it is. Drivers in Texas, as anywhere else, are expected to maintain control of their vehicles at all times, and anything that keeps them from doing this, from phone use to eating and drinking, can be considered a distraction.

Women more likely to incur serious injuries in car crashes

According to a new study, women are 73% more likely than men to suffer a serious injury or death in an auto accident. Texas drivers should know that part of the reason for this trend is the lack of accurate crash safety data. With this comes the lack of safety measures and devices designed with women in mind.

Drunk driver prevention systems a must, says MADD president

At a congressional hearing in May 2019, the president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving called for automakers to put more effort into making drunk driver prevention systems. Drunk driving is a serious issue, contributing to 29% of all roadway fatalities in Texas and across the U.S. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that in 2017, there were 11,000 deaths and over 200,000 injuries resulting from drunk driving crashes.

Memes, newsfeeds a source of distraction for many drivers

Many drivers in Texas allow themselves to be distracted behind the wheel even though they know it's risky. An online study from Wakefield Research showed that almost half of respondents consider distracted driving to be a top roadway concern. However, the nearly 2,000 participants also used their phones behind the wheel for an average of 13 minutes a day.

Weather Channel sued for fatal car crash caused by storm chasers

Spring has arrived, which means the start of severe weather season for much of the country. As you can imagine, the need to quickly escape a natural disaster comes with other hazards like the risk of getting into a car accident. In such cases, there would likely be no grounds for victims to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit – it seems clear that the severe weather was primarily to blame.

Car accident victims may seek full compensation for their losses

In Texas, numerous residents and visitors to the state suffer injuries in auto accidents every year. Were you or family member one of the unfortunate? If so, have you thought about compensation and how much you will really need to recover and move forward?

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