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How to drive safely in winter weather

In the event that winter leaves the roads icy, wet or snowy, drivers in Texas will need to know how to stay safe and avoid accidents. The following are just a few fundamental tips. First, drivers should try to limit their excursions, going out only when necessary. Once they are on the road, drivers must slow down and keep a good distance (five to six seconds at the minimum) from the vehicle in front.

Safety is critical for rear seat passengers

The summer months mean that more people in Texas are taking to the road for trips, holidays and vacations. However, safety experts warn about the danger of serious car accidents in these heavily traveled months. The Governors Highway Safety Association is launching a public awareness campaign particularly targeting rear seat passengers to encourage them to put safety first. Passengers in the back seat enjoy more protections in some types of crashes. However, side-impact or rear-end crashes can be devastating and deadly for people sitting in the back seat.

Did you suffer hearing loss while using defective 3M earplugs?

Hearing is one of the ways we navigate and understand the world-you touch, see and hear those who are important to you. And whether it is listening to music, investing in meaningful conversations or relaxing with the sound of the crashing ocean waves, your hearing is an extremely important sense.

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