Were You Seriously Injured In A Rear-End Accident?

The most common type of car crash in the U.S., thanks to distracted drivers, is the rear-end collision. Roughly 2.5 million rear-impact accidents happen every year. The reason, almost every time? “Inattentiveness.” And unfortunately, bumpers don’t protect motorists the way they should. The inattentiveness is directly attributed to use of cellphones while driving, plus other flashy technology being added to automobile interiors. It all adds up to a recipe for disaster.

Is this what happened to you? Did a combination of distracted driving by the at-fault motorist and the unreliable bumper on your vehicle — unreliable because they’re manufactured to be that way — spell serious injury for you? Were you hospitalized and without a job to support your family?

Husain Law + Associates, P.C., will take charge of your personal injury case immediately and brings facts from our in-depth investigation to the doorstep of often uncooperative insurance companies. If a settlement can’t be reached, our aggressive attorneys are fully prepared to go that extra mile, to a courtroom, to achieve justice for you.

Don’t Delay, Call Today — We Will Fight To Protect Your Rights

Nomaan K. Husain and his all-star team of talented associate lawyers care about your health, finances and future. Together, they understand how a sudden, jarring rear-end collision can have you feeling overwhelmed, confused and desperate for help with a variety of hardships.

We are a law firm with its eyes on the prize — maximum financial compensation that can bring your life back to the way it was. We are dedicated to your success.

These quality legal services and client commitment come to you strictly on a contingency fee basis. You owe no legal fees unless we prevail with your personal injury claim.

One call to secure a free initial consultation with us, conducted at your home or hospital room if necessary, could potentially change your life for the better. In Houston and wherever you are in South Texas, the number to call is 713-230-8137. We respond promptly to all email messages. If you were rear-ended in a car accident, we can help.