Seeking Justice For Victims Of Spinal Cord Injuries

Thousands of spinal cord injuries are diagnosed every year in Texas and nationally. Many of these traumatic injuries are sustained in car wrecks and motorcycle accidents, sports contests, work zones and criminal attacks, to name just a few.

No matter how your accident and injury happened, we take them seriously at the premier personal injury law firm of Husain Law + Associates, P.C., in Houston.

Our exceptional team of attorneys, led by board-certified lawyer Nomaan K. Husain, always puts your legal, health, emotional and financial needs first. We dig deep into the details of your traumatic accident, bring compelling facts to negotiations with insurers, and offer persuasive presentations in court if a trial is needed to obtain the justice you deserve.

The maximum financial compensation we pursue will ideally recover losses such as missing income from time off the job, health care costs, motor vehicle replacement, and the pain and suffering — and emotional trauma — you encountered along the way.

We Fight To Protect Your Rights After Traumatic Injuries

Symptoms of spinal cord damage after a serious accident may include:

  • Paralysis
  • Loss of bowel and bladder control
  • Poor coordination
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Pain

In addition to our expertise in the general field of personal injury law, and our firmwide insistence on close personal service for every client, we can access important resources like physicians and other health care professionals who can testify to the severity of the hardships you’re dealing with. Our lawyers acknowledge how your future may be defined by your spinal cord injury. The long-term treatment required for an injured spine or a loved one who is paralyzed could mean that nutritional management, counseling, therapy and constant, careful monitoring by doctors are added to your permanent daily routine.

When you need justice after one of life’s harmful, hurtful twists and turns finds you, come to Husain Law + Associates, P.C.

The compassionate legal guidance you seek is waiting for you right now at this phone number: 713-230-8137. We can also communicate by email. Home and hospital visits are available upon request. Our firm’s contingency fee policy means that you owe no legal fees unless we win your case.