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At Husain Law + Associates, P.C, our Houston pedestrian accident attorneys are relentless advocates for justice. An award-winning personal injury law firm, we have secured millions in compensation for victims and their families. If you or your loved one was injured in a pedestrian collision, we are here to help.

To set up your free, strictly private case review with a top-rated pedestrian accident lawyer in Houston, TX, please call us at 713-800-1200 or connect with us directly online. 

Pedestrian Safety is a Serious Problem in Houston 

Texas remains one of the worst states for pedestrian safety. According to a report from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), an average of nearly 700 pedestrians are killed in motor vehicle collisions in Texas each year. Many thousands more are seriously hurt in pedestrian crashes in the state. 

An Overview of Pedestrian Accident Laws in Texas 

Texas is an at-fault car accident state. The standard applies to all types of collisions, including pedestrian accidents. All negligent parties—a driver, a truck company, etc.—can be held liable for a pedestrian collision. Negligent conduct that can lead to pedestrian accidents includes: 

That being said, a driver is not automatically liable for a pedestrian accident in Texas. A detail-focused investigation is required to determine exactly why a pedestrian collision happened. There is a two-year statute of limitations for pedestrian accident claims in Texas.  

Recovering Compensation for Injured Pedestrians

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Following a pedestrian crash, you need money to pay bills. In Houston, injured pedestrians have the right to hold the at-fault driver (or other responsible parties) liable for economic and non-economic damages. Unfortunately, getting a fair settlement from an insurance company can be difficult.

Our Houston pedestrian accident lawyers help injured victims maximize their financial recovery. After a pedestrian injury, you may be eligible to recover financial compensation for: 

  • Ambulance costs and emergency room treatment;
  • Medical bills and other health care costs; 
  • Physical therapy and psychological counseling; 
  • Lost wages and diminished earning potential; 
  • Pain and suffering & mental distress;
  • Disfigurement and/or disability; and
  • Wrongful death of a family member

Why Trust the Houston Pedestrian Injury Lawyers at Husain Law + Associates, P.C

Pedestrian accident claims are complicated. At Husain Law + Associates, P.C, we are here to guide you through every step of the legal process. Insurance companies must be held accountable. Among other things, our Houston, TX pedestrian accident attorneys are prepared to: 

  • Conduct a free, in-depth assessment of your personal injury claim;
  • Investigate your pedestrian accident—securing the evidence to prove liability; 
  • Gather your medical records and thoroughly document your damages;
  • Handle paperwork and represent you in settlement negotiations; and
  • Build a comprehensive legal strategy to help you secure the best outcome. 

We provide results-driven legal representation. Our firm will put forward the time and resources to handle your case the right way. As our pedestrian accident attorneys in Houston handle claims on contingency, there are upfront costs.

We only get paid when you get paid. 

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Houston Pedestrian Injury Attorney Today

At Husain Law + Associates, P.C, our Houston, Texas pedestrian accident lawyers have the professional expertise that you can rely on. If you or your family member was hurt in a pedestrian accident, we are here to help. Contact us now or call 713-800-1200 to arrange your free, no-commitment consultation.

With offices in Houston and Dallas, we are well-positioned to represent injured pedestrians throughout Texas.

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